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Fresh pasta for the trade

2400 Tortellini Cheese

Small, fine, noble. These cheese tortellini can be quite sure of themselves. The velvety-aromatic consistency of the pasta, presented in its favourite shape, hides a little delicious secret made of cheese. Discovering it will be a great experience for all connoisseurs.

2401 Tortellini Vegetables

The little classic among the pasta varieties comes up trumps with self-confidence. The delicious vegetable composition of onions, carrots, leek and spinach is allowed to unfold fully, encased in mild pasta. A taste experience as round as usually only the Italians’ favourite toy.

2402 Tortellini Ricotta

Two that always get along well are united here in a classic duet: our Tortellini, straight from Italian pasta heaven, come up with a delicious ricotta that, together with the mild and firm-to-the-bite dough coating, ensures a full-bodied taste experience.

2403 Tortellini mushroom

Class pasta with a noble companion. The pleasantly firm consistency of the much-loved tortellini is combined here with the exquisitely tangy taste of selected mushrooms to create culinary elegance. A pasta experience at its best. This is how you let “Bella Italia” melt in your mouth!

2404 Ravioli Tomato-Cheese

The first bite reveals the rich aroma of sun-ripened tomatoes, while spicy cheese adds a hearty note. These ingredients – lovingly packaged in small appetising dumplings… and the ravioli are ready, a favourite of all children and a pasta classic that even adults can’t resist.

2405 Cheese and spinach ravioli

Three that love each other. A successful composition of tried and tested ingredients: spinach, strong and aromatic in flavour, cheese, which rounds it off with a wonderful spicy flavour, and the Italian trimmings, just the way you like them best – ravioli made from the best durum wheat semolina. A delicious promise!

2406 Cappelletti Vegetable Wholemeal

A pasta personality of exceptional calibre. This little piece of art made from hearty wholemeal durum wheat semolina comes up with a strong partner: a refined, well-balanced vegetable mix that promises real treats for the palate. Here, the round has been masterfully brought into the square.

2407 Strozzapreti Spelt

Italian beauties that will wrap every sauce around their little finger: The little pasta rolls made from spelt semolina promise an exciting note of flavour. However, when combined with a delicious sauce, they show their cuddly side. Buon Appetito!

2420 Porcini Tortellini

A must for lovers of porcini, full-bodied – earthy mushroom flavour and selected spice blends give this vegan version of our tortellini a majestic taste. And not just a treat in the autumn/winter season, but all year round.

2416 Cappelletti Smoked Tofu

Barbecue fans will get their money’s worth with this filling. Roasted aromas and smoky flavours give this unusual tofu variety a very special boost. You can use your own creativity to mix in the ingredients here and give the main course a noble shine.

2415 Vegan Melting Ravioli

As the vegan cheese substitute filling, our animal welfare advocates will find here the welcome alternative to the vegetarian fillings. Delicate melting with light nutty flavours and selected spices rightly give this ravioli a place in the upper TOP 10 of pasta specialities.

2417 Cappelletti Pumpkin-Apple

An unusual filling at first sight, but the addition of aniseed, lavender and a pinch of chilli makes the main components, apple and pumpkin, create the desired tension. The addition of “Mille Aromi” keeps its promise: an explosion on the palate. Suitable for the season or as a salad in spring and summer.

All ingredients used come from controlled organic cultivation and are controlled by KIWA – BCS – ÖKO-Garantie GmbH – Nuremberg.