The love of the Italian pasta tradition, the tireless spirit of invention and the striving
to give only the best are still the guiding principles of the convinced BIO company today.

“Maximum naturalness with the highest culinary enjoyment. As an organic food producer, this claim makes us one of the suppliers of a premium range of pasta products that we are really proud of.

Through our specially developed production method – adapting time-honoured traditional pasta production in a gentle way into modern processes – we have succeeded in convincing in every respect.

Unsere Bio-Zertifizierungen krönen jährlich unsere Arbeit und sind gleichzeitig Ansporn. Sie bestätigen uns in unserem Leitgedanken, dem großen Respekt vor der Natur und dem Leben.

Our organic certifications crown our work every year and are an incentive at the same time. They confirm us in our guiding principle, the great respect for nature and life.

Our responsibility today as pioneers of a new path began with a very simple idea: to improve the world a little.

Together with like-minded partners, we not only bring consummate taste and quality to the table, but also reconcile economy and fairness into a good cause that we stand behind with conviction.”

Susanne D’Angelo, Chiara D’Angelo