Our suppliers

"We treat our suppliers as we would like to be treated by our customers".

Under this guiding principle, we promote cooperation with our suppliers on the basis of good commercial practice and mutual trust.

D’Angelo strictly rejects any form of exploitation of children as labour. Responsible handling of agricultural raw materials, competent environmental protection management as well as fair relations with business partners, are further important contents of our company principles.

As an organically certified production company, we only process raw materials from controlled organic cultivation.

We expect our suppliers to accept these principles and to implement them in a comparable way with their respective business partners.

Would you like to become our supplier?

All ingredients for D’Angelo pasta come from controlled organic cultivation. 100% high-quality pure durum wheat semolina from the best growing areas forms the basis of all recipes. In addition, hearty vegetarian and partly vegan fillings.

The conscious avoidance of additives such as flavour enhancers, thickeners, colourings or preservatives make our products so valuable and give them this genuine, natural taste – as fresh and full of joie de vivre as an Italian holiday.